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Hands-On Staging - 3 hours

$338.5 USD

Level of difficulty

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  • 3build

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This package is perfect for anyone who has not had time to declutter or downsize yet and feels completely overwhelmed!  

House will be evaluated and action plans will be implemented immediately in order to showcase the best features of the home. A neutralized setting will be created that would appeal to a large audience! You will also have a comprehensive shopping list if it is necessary to purchase additional items.

No additional accessories, artwork or items will be brought in for monthly rental. No prior consult needed. Please have manual help ready in case we need to move heavy furniture.

Should you need more time, $100 per hour will be charged in increments of 15 minutes, payable at time of consultation

Let’s do it right away and get your house ready to be listed ASAP! Call me if you have any questions.